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Cygnet 20/20 Specialist Tripod - New Product 2020

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Our hugely popular Specialist Tripod is now available in a 20/20 version.
The central boss has been increased in diameter and is CNC-machined from aluminium.
This lightweight, compact support solution is essential when banksticks are impossible to get into the ground.
An immensely useful tool for fishing urban areas or solid grounds, and it is also ideal as a very useful photography tool to mount camera equipment or
lighting devices for night shots when used in conjunction with a Cygnet Camera Adaptor.

CNC machined aluminium central-boss for added strength

Fully compatible with all of our 20/20 banksticks (16mm)

3 fully adjustable legs for total stability and versatility

Legs are compatible with the outer sections of our Specialist Storm Poles if additional elevation is required

Can be used with camera and lighting equipment in conjunction with our Camera Adaptor

Height: 30cm (58cm extended)

Weight: 390g