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A Brand new range of Seat boxes from Garbolino! Building on the huge success off the GBC-36 Range comes the new GBC Competition 36-51 Gold. Built with the same leg systems and unbelievably strong locking mechanisms, we have taken our seat boxes to yet another level. These new seat boxes also feature a brand new frame design slighlty different from its predecessor being lighter, but still boasting fantastic strength! And now avaialble with a 60mm draw unit and a 60mm winder tray and available in "ALL BLACK".

The compartmentstyle cross drawer unit and winder tray system locking clasp design has now some extras sold seperately to taylor your needs. The clever clasp system that enables you too operate easily in cold and wet conditions and you  literaly strip the box down to the frame and place your winder trays, drawer units and seat where ever you could possibly want them. This new system really has to be seen to be believed!

'Spider' leg design saves masses of space in your car or van without compromising the stability of the box. This brings the overall 'foot print' of the box down dramatically! The angle also brings the leg closer to the angler for better attachment use and less impediment form the front seat box legs. A robust non-slip, grip finished, front sliding platform is absolutely rock solid when fully extended and with the Spider design gives bigger foot space ideal when pole fishing. Comes complete with a built in-keep net support. Stronger hand wheels on mainframe to tighten legs, better grip and bigger 8mm  internal thread (rather than 6mm like other branded boxes)for more torque and a much more sturdy non-slip leg system. The lower profile of this seat box is ideal for fishing platforms and flat surfaces. Two bomb proof leg systems put an end to slipping legs. Its a fact that the leg system configuration on our new range of seat boxes are the strongest, sturdiest available.

Pin-lock adjustable leg system - Designed for the front platform legs. The legs can be extended and locked through a fail-safe 'pin-lock' mechanism. Many normal legs struggle to lock correctly on the inner extending legs. This system can not and will not move even under extreme pressure fully extended. Ideal for the large gentlemen who can stand up with confidence on this platform.  Also ideal for anglers who have to wade out and extend legs to the maximum length or have to fish steep sloping reservoirs and uneven banks.

Screw Lock System - A more conventional design of extending leg which benefits from 8mm internal threads giving much greater strength and tightening, producing another non-slip leg system. The over sized but neat designed tightening wheels on this system also make it easier to lock tight/unlock without fuss.

Leg Profile - The new shape leg means that screws can be used rather than all rivets.These sit neatly in the recess of the leg shape meaning that they don't impede leg movement and have greater movement to the base of the fittings.

36mm Diameter telescopic legs

Six Pin-lock adjustable telescopic legs

Spider frame design

High density foam seat with pole support

30mm full side drawer

60mm Draw unit

60mm Winder tray

Spirit level

Sliding non-slip footplate with built in keepnet attachment

Gabolino back plate

Mud feet

Three tray stacker system with lid

Fully adjustable padded strap

Extra winder trays available to purchase seperate