Korda Krimps - (L) .07mm.


Korda Krimps - (L) .07mm

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Developed by the Korda team to make super strong "knotless' joints on a variety of hook link materials. Featuring a special double barrel, Krimps allow the angler to make exceptionally neat rigs and to create short 'chod' style rigs simply and quickly. 

Creates a link that is stronger than a knot! Fast, simple and neat.
Two sizes available: (S) 0.6mm & (L) 0.7mm
Use the small Krimp with materials from 0.43mm to 0.6mm in diameter. 
Use the large Krimp with materials between 0.6mm and 0.7mm in diameter.
Compatible with stiff, chod filaments and the majority of stiff coated hooklinks
Only compatible with the Korda Krimping Tool.