Korda Size 8 Swivels (20pcs)
Korda Size 8 Swivels (20pcs)
Korda Size 8 Swivels (20pcs)

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Korda Size 8 Swivels (20pcs)

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The humble swivel completes the whole rig set up and since it is almost the last connection between you and the carp it needs to be reliable

They say that from every adversity comes an equal or greater benefit and in this case the swivels we located came from Japan - arguably the best swivel manufacturers in the world.


Size 8 Swivels fit perfectly inside Korda In-Line Leads. Method Feeders and Lead Clips


Can be used in conjunction with Stik Klips and Kwik Links


Non-reflective, ultra-smooth finish


Breaking strain of over 70lbs