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Great Full  Rod Package
Comes complete its Shimano rod sleeve with shoulder strap (see Picture)
Shimano Rod Tip and Butt bands
3 Super AX Carbon tips 05, 1.0, 1.5oz
One of the biggest selling commercial rod ranges of all time has just been seriously updated
​If you fish commercial waters then this is the only rod range for you. 
​Shimano's New Beastmaster Commercials are based on the original best selling series with the aid of the latest technology creating a top of the range rod that doesn't break the bank.
​Each rod has been designed with a purpose to create a range that covers every commercial match fishing situation. 
​New to the range is an 8ft feeder rod, with tips as light as 25oz (perfect for F1's) this rod has been specifically designed for narrow commercials, 
​the 1oz tip ensures this rod is perfect for dropping a method in the margins or on your pole line on a windy day. 
​The iconic 9/11 Beastmaster's are back and better than ever. 
​The feeder rods now come complete with 3 tips for greater flexibility; these are the ultimate tool for anglers constantly visiting different venues.
​Also new to the range are 10ft models both in feeder and pellet waggler versions. 
​These are great hybrid rods for your average commercial, comfortably handling 10lb lumps but soft enough to land an F1. 
​For larger waters 12ft power models have been developed to have the classic parabolic action but the strength to cast maximum distances, again in both pellet waggler and feeder versions. 
​The time taken to develop this outstanding range of rods is obvious in the small details; all of the rods come with super secure wraps. 
​Feeder rods pack away to allow for a feeder to be left on the rod, fully protecting the tip and making life easy! 
​Tapered butt section help to prevent rods being pulled in and all blanks have been fitted with wide eyes for easy hook ups