Sonubaits Band'um Wafters - Banoffee 8mm.


Sonubaits Band'um Wafters - Banoffee 8mm

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A Band'um is the perfect hookbait for using with a bait band, its unique cylindrical shape with bulbous ends means that they can be banded with ease using a Pellet Bander or a Bait Bander and the bait band sits neatly in the middle slimmer section of the Band'um, this means the hook sits perfectly just below the middle of the bait meaning more hooked fish. Also the Band'um is less likely to be pulled off the hair meaning you can fish more confidently and more efficiently.

Banoffee; a mixture of banana and toffee, the hookbaits are yellow and toffee coloured and as you would expect the smell is really strong and sweet.