Sonubaits Pro Feed Pellets - 6mm.


Sonubaits Pro Feed Pellets - 6mm

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The high fishmeal content in this pellet makes them super fishy smelling. Just what the fish are looking for. They have a dense make-up, taking longer to break up in the water. The low oil levels in Pro Feed Pellets make them perfect for use all year round.

The 6mm and 8mm Pro Feed Pellets are perfect for catapulting when fishing the pellet waggler, or for the Bomb and Pellet. Their Dense make up allows them to travel further than other coarse pellets.

8mm and 10mm Pro Feed Pellets are what you need when fishing the Pellet waggler or Bomb and Pellet at long range. They make much more noise once they hit the water, attracting more fish into your peg