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Fishing Tackle.
Fishing Tackle.
Fishing Tackle.
Fishing Tackle.
Fishing Tackle.

Rods and Lines

Wolf NEW Spider Spod Large - Orange and Black

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A unique design capable of holding virtually liquid mix

A unique floating bait rocket with a compartment that splits four ways to deliver your bait. 

The main space can be loaded in two different ways.
Opens in a two section configuration, you can load by scooping up bait and closing the 2 halves. Open one section, and you can load the entire container!

Capable of casts in excess of 100m unloaded, this clever design can carry everything from the lightest particles to the heaviest boilies.
All your bait arrives on target securely thanks to the 24 magnets securing everything in transit. So securely, you can even launch these from the floor!


Naturally buoyant
4 section split to open design
Aerodynamically stable
24 secure magnets


Weight: 61g
Pellets capacity: 120g
Boiles capacity(20mm) N°23
Boiles capacity(14mm): N°61
Particles capacity: 155g